Billboard Design 101

Below are a few simple design tips we’ve found highly effective for our clients:

1. Less is More - Keep it simplE

Less is more, especially when it comes to billboard design. The ideal billboard design has 7 words or less (not including your logo). Reason being, your audience needs the ability to digest your message in 4 seconds or less. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.32.46 PM.png

2. One Call to Action

Choose only one call to action per billboard- Your phone number OR website, not both. Select whichever you feel is the best way for your customers to connect with you.

Note for DIGITAL clients: Not sure which is best? We can create one ad with only the phone number and rotate it with a 2nd ad with only the website to see which gains the most traction. 

3. consistenCY IS KEY

It is easy to look at a billboard and think of it as a clean slate for another marketing plan, but think of how your billboard design fits your larger marketing puzzle: is it consistent with your overall marketing strategy?

Communicate & share your company logo, color schemes, tagline, and even typeface with your designer to ensure your billboard design will communicate a consistent and cohesive look for your company brand.

4. Make it memorable

Noteworthy billboard designs incorporate surprising visual elements. Try incorporating a local image, a play on words, or even an element of humor to catch attention. An example of a company that does this well is Chick-fil-a’s “Eat More Chicken” Billboards featuring Cows- short, sweet, & memorable. 

5. A picture is worth 1000 words

You’ve heard the saying, but it’s really true in outdoor advertising. With limited time to read your ad from the road, it’s important to connect with your audience while using as few words as possible. A picture is a great way to add a personal and unique touch that is memorable.