Outdoor Advertising Facts

Photo by imging/iStock / Getty Images
  • Outdoor reaches 89% of adults 18-34 and 93% of professional adults
  • Outdoor advertising is the most universal of all media. Virtually everyone is repeatedly exposed who leave their house to work, shop, or play.
  • The average American spends 15 hours a week in the car!
  • 93% of Americans are reached by billboards.
  • 53% more cars on the road than 30 years ago.
  • More people view one particular billboard than view "The Superbowl".
  • Billboards cost 80% less than TV advertising.
  • Billboards cost 60% less then newspaper ads.
  • Billboards cost 50% less than radio advertisements.

Sources cited: Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Arbitron, & Nielsen